Universal Picture Language AS

Universal Picture Language


One picture is worth a thousand words.

The world needs a universal language. That is not to say that everyone should speak the same language. That isn't possible or desirable in this world at this time. The world needs a universal language through which people of different cultures can communicate regardless of what languages they speak.

we already have universal picture language.
Arabic numerals are the most common symbolic representation of numbers in the world.

The world is yours, so take it.
learn Universal Picture Language AllySatis.

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color rules for words

a red circle represents a place

in on between at

personal pronoums I you he she it we they

Learn Language Through Pictures .

Have you ever peeped into your mind? Do you see your mind as a dense jungle of words or as a huge album of pictures? In fact your mind is a wonderful universe of your own which nobody else can enter unless you invite. How can you invite one to enter your universe unless you have words? Words are the keys to open the doors of your mind. With each word you utter you open a door to your listener and he sees some part of your universe.

Have you ever thought that the words you use create pictures in other people's minds? How do words come to you to express your thoughts if there were no pictures in your mind? First, you see a person, an animal or a thing, then, you learn the name. As soon as you learn the name, it hides itself behind the picture of the person, the animal or the thing you saw. Whenever you hear the word or see the word the picture appears in your mind's eye and whenever you want to say something pictures followed by words emerge.

Once you understand this truth about learning languages, you can find the correct path to learn language. Start learning language through pictures. Look at a picture and then learn to read it using words. Don't try to memorize words. Just remember the picture and word together. Words cannot survive without pictures. The more words you have, the better you can express your thoughts. Then, you can open all the doors of your universe and invite others to come and see your own wonderful creations. That is what great writers do by creating master pieces with words. Learning language through pictures is the one and only method of successful Learning.

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