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learn polish    learn polish
Our courses are made for those who want to be able to understand and communicate in a language quickly. You do not need to learn grammar or spelling to speak, children are clear proof. Learning a language in a book, unless you are an expert in phonetics, is virtually impossible. You must become familiar with the sounds. That's why our learning method is based on sound and images. The writing is only a support for sounds and images. In the first stage do not read the texts you must only listen. Download our Interactive Audio-Picture Books on MP3 download and read ebooks for free. I listen, I see, I learn.
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We recommend that you take these courses in chronological order

      learn 1
          Part - 1 pies z kapeluszem
          Part - 2 Królewna_Śnieżka i siedmiu krasnoludków
          Part - 3 kobieta biegnie
          Part - 4 kot jest na dachu
          Part - 5 ona jest pielęgniarką
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      learn 4
      learn 5
      learn 6
      learn 7
      learn 8
      learn 9
      learn 10
      learn 11
      learn 12
      learn 13
      learn 14
      learn 15
      learn 16
      learn 17
      learn 18
      learn 19
      learn 20
      learn 21
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learn polish
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