Where are you ?

are you all right ?
I guess I had a nightmare and fell out of bed
now Marie , darling , don_t be frightened
mama ! mama !
that s Berlioz
over here , darling . Berlioz , here we are .
and don_t worry , everything is going to
be all right
I m coming , mama I m cold and I
m wet
mama ? mama !
darling . that s only a little frog ,
my love
but he had a mouth like a hippopotamus
what s so funny ?
not , now , Darlings . Darlings , now you
just stay here , and I ll go and
I ll look for Toulouse
Toulouse ! Toulouse , where are you ?
Toulouse ! Toulouse ! Toulouse !
what s all the yelling about ?
Why didn_t you answer ?
mama ! he s been here all the time